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Triumphant Wendy from Don’t Starve Together! :D Couldn’t finish in time for Halloween, but at least it turned out cool :’) –I wanted to write Triumphant Wendy but it was too long. Shadow’s close. 【作者】 あまね 【タグ】 オリジナル/女の子/つのっこ/角/そしてこのプロフ絵である/講座/角っ娘/オリジナル10000users入り/台無しにすることで定評があるプロフ絵/講座10000users入り

Gorgeous girls with stiff horns growing from their heads. The difference between their horns and the girl is so irresistible! Today's Spotlight is feautring the various different shapes horns on girls.

Oh my gosh!!!!! I almost rolled over and died when I saw this!!!

How do you even find a saddle this big? haha , it is probabley from a toy horse! Little tiny horse with a little tiny saddle. So stinkin cute!

Top 100 Royal Crowns and Crown Jewels from the last 3500 years!

When you think of medieval history or high fantasy, the picture just isn’t complete without a crown-wearing King or Queen. It’s very telling of our human nature

Armadura perfecta para Valquire :3

Thranduil's "leather feather" armour from "The Hobbit". LOTR armour is always incredibly detailed and well thought out.