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two paper dolls made to look like people in kimonos and geisha suits
和紙人形 - 花の心 あややの心
Kimono Origami, I Wrote A Song, Origami Cards, Paper Dolls Diy, Diy Origami, Japanese Dolls
Yellow by Karnilla on DeviantArt
an orange and black doll is sitting on a piece of paper
ATC1078 - Modern geisha 2
a doll is dressed in a green kimono
Japanese origami doll 8
an orange and black paper doll is hanging on a wall
ACEO26 - Kin
a card with an image of a woman in kimonos and a gift box
ATC595 - Attending a wedding
an origami doll with a black hair and green ribbon on it's head
Japanese origami doll 9
a doll made out of pink paper with flowers on it and other items around it
ATC714 - Violets around me
a card with an image of a woman in kimonos and a handbag
ATC1183 - Teruko
a close up of a tie on a wall
Tall Japanese paper doll in red_back - traded with Janet
Origami Japanese
Teresita Suselo
an origami doll with black hair and yellow kimono is displayed on a white surface
ATC1301 - Tomomi
an image of a doll made out of japanese fabrics on a white wall background
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