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Regina Kováts
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aileine: “ The Mushroom Rain My entry for the For Humanity Veteran Fanbook! Just a bunch of vets on the beach because they deserve a good vacation. Buy the For Humanity Veteran Fanbook at:

RWBY, Qrow Branwen

Qrow could be an awesome teacher if he was even sober enough to get things done.

#wattpad #fanfiction Simple, as the title said. RWBY one shots and preferences

Rwby: yea that's right fix your hair before you fight a girl, and than the fans will ship you together that's all you have to do fight someone of opposite genda that BAM! The fans ship you together


That smile and wink 😍-- yoshidaeri: “ dithe-r: “ Transparent & subtly animated Levi from ViVi Campaign official art Hoodie thug boy goes shamefully ooc in sec .well cute smiles are cute ” ​THE NOISES I AM MAKING ARE NOT HUMAN ”