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Regina Vitányi

Regina Vitányi
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The Children of Fairy Oak. Together, they are stronger and more efficient than the adults and it’s fantastic to “see” themacting in unison to solve a member’s problems.

Fairyoakpedia the official source of information on Fairy Oak, a series of 7 fantasy novels by Elisabetta Gnone.

Fairy Oak-Lilium Martagon: The Village Blacksmith His appearance and big belly make him look like an ogre, but his character is more like that of a young boy. Lilium is very shy and blushes easily. Moreover, although he is twice as tall as a boy and is already well past playing games, he’s a playful type who loves to have fun with the power that Mother Magic has given him: the Light. Lilium Martagon can make anything light up!

Fairy Oak-Lilium Martagon: The Village Blacksmith. His appearance and big belly…

Loish - revisiting the good old underwater theme illustration digital drawing painting art graphic design

LOIS VAN BAARLE - DESIGN INSPIRATION My goodness, If the woman in this artwork was a pregnant lady swimming towards the surface, this would be so perfectly in sync with my business name!