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Bold Decor In Small Spaces: 3 Homes Under 50 Square Meters

One of the safest ways to decorate a small space is to simplify everything - subtle patterns, light colors, limited decor, clean lines, etc.

Office room placed in the garden

These pop-up modular pods can add a garden studio or off-grid escape just about anywhere Pod Space – Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

A Beautiful 3 Bedroom 2 Bath House [With Floor Plan]

Sometimes when you have children it can be difficult to design a stylish home that's accommodating. This beautiful three bedroom and two bathroom house doesn't

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Oh how we love marble here at Decoist! As proclaimed in our post on the versatility of marble contact paper, marble accents make a strong modern statement.

Concrete Bowls

Concrete Bowels by Stephan Schulz & Helena Leba Softes And that right there is the reason having someone check your spelling is incredibly important. The difference between BOWLS and BOWELS.

Slim Dungarees exterior fabric close up

It is only through great force of will that I manage to distill this tirade to a discussion only of travel-related …