Sideless Surcote—A woman's over-gown cut away at the sides from under the arms to the hips to show the cote-hardie or kirtle underneath; it was usually worn with a plastron at the front of the figure. It remained as a ceremonial dress for women during the latter of this period.

Bliauds, Wimples, and Everything in Between

White Tudor Gown  #sca #garb #tudor

Catherine Howard’s White Gown. I don't pin reproduction gowns often, but this one is really lovely.

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love the split side.  also, the piping around the trim is bold

Another from the Italian pageant site. I think this one is woven, but I love the matching ring and circlet. Dress and Head-dress go together too

Anneke van deme Boerne  A detailed account of 1460-1480 Burgundian Gown.  The outfit consists of: shift, drawers, hose, shoes, pattens, kirtle, placket, gown, partlet, belt, headband and hennin.

A detailed account of Burgundian outfit.later in the century, sleeves were made longer and fuller

Medieval dress "Lady of the Lake" flax-linen :: by medieval store ArmStreet

hellkatsally: I don’t have anywhere to wear a cobalt blue medieval linen gown, but if I did… (via Blue Dress Lady of the Lake medieval dress linen by armstreet)