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Siberian husky

I miss my dog so much. :( coming home from vacation without her here was the worst.

silver and white siberian husky

When dakota is fully/deeped brush she looks just like this but with one brown eye!

Awwww a baby Husky Puppy!


Tiger Mom & her three baby cubs!


when big cats look like kitties wonderous-world: “ Wait Quietly by martYmage ”

Adorable siberian husky puppy

Adorable siberian husky puppy with beautiful eyes

by Beau Victoria Redman

I could alter this into my geek dream catcher idea

(What if the image was flipped and the tail was actually flames from a dragon going downwards?)

Blue Phoenix rising from water


Love the color variation in these Husky pups!


GORGEOUS Siberian Husky kinda looks like mine. except mine has blue eyes.