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four boxes with different types of people in them
Játékok nem csak iskolába készülőknek
Néhány olyan játékot hoztam mostani cikkemben, amik játékosan segítenek olyan területek fejlesztésében, melyekre feltétlenül szüksége lesz a gyermeknek, amikor iskolába kerül. A játékok azonban természetesen nem csak ennek a korosztálynak szólnak!
a boy with different facial expressions
Cute boy faces showing different emotions vector image on VectorStock
four stickers of a man with different expressions on his face and chest, in various poses
Thema carnaval peuters - een boekreview Lou viert carnaval
a woman with an emoticive expression is next to a face that has been cut out
a group of people's faces with different facial expressions and hair styles on them
Plantyn Catalogue
jouer avec de a la pâte à modeler Averbode 2 niveaux à voir (fiches A4 et A3)
a close up of some kind of doughnuts with faces on it's side
Trucs de maîtresse - (page 2) - Maîtresse Patate
Les expressions du visage en pâte à modeler
the steps to draw children's faces in black and white, each with different expressions
la couleur des émotions (suite)
la couleur des émotions (suite) - la maternelle de Camille
some pictures are hanging on the wall and one is made out of paper with different colors
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two pictures of a young boy holding a piece of paper with faces drawn on it
Drawing - Emotions
In this project, the children play along with you, recognizing different emotions and recording the facial changes they observe. For ages 6 to 9. Plan 1 session.
a collage of photos showing how to make play dough for children's crafts
Preschool: All About Me - Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten
This emotions play dough mat is a great way to reinforce emotion vocabulary. Great for tot school, preschool, or even kindergarten!
a wheel of emotions for children with the words emotion on it and pencils next to it
Free Printable Emotion Wheel for Kids
Free Printable Mood & Emotion Wheel Chart for Children #preschool #kindergarten #emotions #learnaboutemotions
paper cut out to look like faces and eyes
Activités Montessori pour les 3 ans et plus ! ⋆ Club Mamans
Activités Montessori pour les 3 ans et plus ! ⋆ Club Mamans
three yellow paper plates with faces on them and the words free printable spinning emoji wheel
5 Fun Emotions Emoji Activities in English and Chinese (Printable)