The Gypsies are a close-knit communal people who have a shared background, but are scattered throughout the world. Their origins have been the subject of controversy throughout the centuries, but in modern times, we have discovered, from research into their language, that the gypsies originated in Northern India, from whence they spread throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Vintage Picture of Bohemian Gypsy. Lovely idea for a Fortune Teller costume for Friday's Circus Themed party @ 2016 Coco

vintage baladi bellydance costume

Costumes for Sinuous Bellydancers

Belly dance is an ancient artform, and as we all know trends tend to repeat themselves. Let's have a look at these beautiful dancers of old and be inspired by their costumes and grace. :)

Vintage belly dancer black and white

bellydance painting

Oriental Dancer by Edouard Frederic Wilhelm Richter (German Painter , )

Cora Laparcerie (1875-1951)

Cora Laparcerie (by Art & Vintage)

Julian Eltinge in "Salome" 1908

julian eltinge in salome 1908