Mando female, holy crap. Chessi! She even has Lark's expression of "Who messed up this time".

My mothers dark hair. My fathers green eyes. My mothers ability to fly ships. My fathers hawkeyes for snipering. My aunts combat prowess.

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Which Star Wars Armor Would Best Fit You?

These are Mandalorian commandos - not to be mistaken for Boba Fett. However Boba and his father, Jango Fett, adopted their style of arms and armor.

Stay afraid, but do it anyway.

Stay afraid, but do it anyway.

Young Kanan Jarrus (Caleb Dume)

fadburger: “ STAR WARS: KANAN # 8 written by Greg Weisman art by Pepe Larraz cover by Mark Brooks Young Caleb Dume has not yet been to war… …But now, the Jedi Temple is under attack! Can a Padawan.

Drawing is my passion; I'll post my art/sketches/WIPs/videos here under …

Long overdue present for and Ft. some dark reylo art because there hasn’t been enough of it imho.