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as if anyone but Annabeth would be the leader

Guys come on Annebeth would obviously be leader. You losers think you could do it but you can't I mean Annebeth has Athena.

Steve's vaccination rant comic by bluandorange (Sorry, not sorry, for the language because really people.  Really.)

zombikki: “wolvesofinnistrad: “jchelseaw: “wolvesofinnistrad: “jchelseaw: “wolvesofinnistrad: “bluandorange: “ all Bucky wanted to do was get some more tea and now this. Thanks a lot, Sam.

nick fury marvel mcu avengers

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This is the truest thing I’ve read

This is the truest thing I’ve read

Actually yes. Too bad Harrison is so done with Star Wars

I'm pretty sure that, given the choice, the entire Star Wars fanbase would rather just have 73 year old Harrison Ford cast as young Han Solo and pretend, through sheer stubbornness, that he looks

I just lifted my head so fast from getting this, that I slammed my head on the wall behind me.