One of the oldest European countries and has a lots of beautiful places to see. I would like to show some to You.
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The 17 most amazing places to see in Hungary - Buda Castle

The 17 Most Amazing Places To Visit In Hungary

Buda Castle - It is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list for a reason. Possibly the best combination of river, mountain and architecture in any capital city of the World. Insider tip: Check out the castle district at night, when the lights are turned on!

Lake Balaton, Hungary - the largest freshwater lake in Europe

Lake Balaton is a favorite tourist destination in Hungary in the summer and it is the largest freshwater lake in Europe. The beaches around Lake Balaton come alive as soon as the weather gets warm.

Hungarian Foodie Adventures

Hungary is famous for its cuisine rich in flavors as a result of centuries of spicing, baking and cooking. Here is a collection of some must-try Hungarian delicacies, desserts and dishes, in no particular order.