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Practicing Sight Words

Each student has a sight word ring with the words they need to practice - they grab it & start practicing anytime they finish their work or have a spare moment! can also be done with the spelling words for the week!

Sight Words- Tons of ideas and FREEBIES to help your students master their sight words!

Help your students master their sight words with tons of ideas and FREEBIES to get you started! Create an individualized sight word program for each student, and have them reading their sight words in no time!

Needing to spice up your sight word routine? Try these activities for teaching sight words! 10 sight word games for kindergarten and first grade! My favorite is the bowling!

Haven't checked out all of these, but the ones in this picture look fun, especially the bowling one! Can't tell if that's string or pipe cleaners there at the bottom, but either would do.