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The BIG List of Common Tax Deductions for Home Daycare
Common home daycare tax deductions for child care providers! A checklist of write-offs that is easy to follow for family child care business owners! #childcarebusiness #homedaycarebusiness #runadaycare
the child care checklist is shown in this image
University of Illinois Extension
Child Care Checklist — great resource for parents of infants or toddlers looking for a day care provider! #infographic
an easy guide for the mom who doesn't know where to start preschool at home
How To Homeschool Preschool: Getting Started - Blue and Hazel
Thinking about doing Preschool at home? Want to know what kids need to know before starting Kindergarten? See our easy preschool schedule and how it takes a lot less preparation than you think. Get some preschool ideas here. #preschool #blueandhazel #toddler #homeschool
an info sheet describing how to use the parent's tour
How To Give A Parent Tour [INFOGRAPHIC] - Thriving Childcare Shop
how to give a parent tour #howtostartadaycarebusiness