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Truth #how you see #value #love

Before u can really love others, u have to love yourself. So how u see yourself does matter! Love yourself for ALL of who u really r--good and bad. NO ONE IS PERFECT!

Good morning! Add some of these to your smoothies or juices this morning. You will love it. :) FEEL free to share.

ANTI-CANCER FOODS - Six Super Spices - Liver Cleansing Diet Super Foods. Liver cleansing raw food anti cancer diet recipes for a healthy liver. Learn how to do an advanced liver flush protocol I LIVER YOU

How To Determine If An Egg Is Fresh :)

How to determine if an egg is fresh. sinks to bottom and lays on it's side - fresh rests on bottom but fat end rises up slightly - week old balances on pointy end with fat end sticking up - 3 weeks old whole egg floats and bobs around - bad egg

The Hall Of Design: Jurassic Park Infographic

Jurassic Park (infogram)-one of my all time favorite movies growing up: Jaws terrified me, ET creeped me out but I LOVED Jurassic Park

Vincent Price at Edgar Allen Poe's grave.     This rare, candid photo of the actor visiting Edgar Allan Poe's grave at the Westminster Burial Grounds was taken by Jeff Jerome, the curator of the Poe House and Museum in Baltimore, when Mr. Price was on tour with his one-man show Diversions and Delights, in 1977.

Vincent Price at Edgar Allen Poe's grave. While in Baltimore on tour, Mr. Price stopped at Westminster Hall to pay his respects at Poe's grave, and paid a visit to the near-by Poe House and Museum.