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a group of people walking across a blue and white background with the words messe a hetteresgegro
a book cover with the words fine motorike written in green and black on it
Velika knjiga aktivnosti i vježbi za razvoj fine motorike
Velika knjiga aktivnosti i vježbi za razvoj fine motorike Opsežna ilustrirana zbirka aktivnosti, igara, vježbi i pjesmica za razvoj fine motorike. Igre predmetima, modeliranje, igre prirodnim materijalima, igre prstićima s pjesmicama.
children standing in front of colorful blocks on the floor
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2d shapes – Artofit
many handprints are laid out on the floor to be used as art for children
Imagem - Educação Infantil
30 Atividades sobre profissões - Aluno On
three blue and pink paper cutouts with name tags on them sitting on a table
Community helper crafts
a young boy wearing a blue hat with a star on it
How to make a policeman hat
a paper plate that has a fire department logo on it and is sitting on the ground
Fireman hat from paper plate
four different types of cardboard vehicles on a wooden floor
25 New things made with DIY cardboard box anyone can make.
DIY Cardboard Box Projects | New things made with DIY cardboard box with creative uses for cardboard contains ideas on how to reuse cardboard boxes to make useful and usual easy crafts.
four pictures of a red fire truck made out of cardboard and cut into smaller boxes
סמי הכבאי - תעלומה מהחלל - רעיונות לפעילות בהשראת הסרט
סמי הכבאי כבאית מקרטון
red fire extinguishers lined up on top of each other
A maioria das famílias gosta de presentear crianças. Muitas vezes no Natal, só as crianças ganham presentes. É muito comum em casos de cr...
a child in a fireman's uniform is playing with a hose and cardboard boxes