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two women and one man are looking at the same person's face in this black and white photo
FRANCIS BRUGUIÈRE (1879-1945) , Experiment, from 'The Way', c. 1925 | Christie's
a drawing of a man kneeling down with his hands in his pockets and the moon behind him
Gombrich Explains Goya | art | Agenda
a painting of a woman holding a baby
Now & Here: Photo
Man looking for fleas in his shirt, 1824–25Francisco Goya
an oil painting of a man's face in black and orange tones with his eyes closed
an old woman sitting next to a skeleton holding a knife and fork in her hand
Goya 1823
Two Old Ones Eating Soup / The Witchy Brew, 1823, Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes
an image of a group of people that are looking at something
a painting of two women dressed in costumes
“Les Jeunes” et “Les Vieilles” de Goya : les mystères d’un duo grinçant