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an old building with many windows and shutters
Genius Loci / BE / Brussels, 50x70 cm by Anastasia Savinova
Genius Loci / BE / Brussels, 50x70 cm via Anastasia Savinova. Click on the image to see more!
an image of a very tall building with lots of windows and balconies on it
jean-françois rauzier forms architectural babels from stacked urban structures
through his series of 'babels', jean-françois rauzier invites viewers into an imaginary architectural universe filled with cultural references and motifs.
the different types of buildings and their names in english, spanish, and german language
europe_a3_print.jpg by Nick Matej
Europe a3 print
an upside down building in the middle of a field with water and mud puddles
Laughing Squid
Wonderfully Surreal Photo Collages of Imaginary Houses
a large red barn sitting on top of a snow covered hill
Anastasia Savinova's 'Genius Loci' Collages
<p>In this beautiful mixed-media collages project, Swedish based artist Anastasia Savinova try to identify the differences and similarities between places of habitation. Travelling around cities and countries, she take pictures of buildings, sneakily looking through windows, going to local shops, flea markets and bars to watch everyday life of each cities – all this helps […]</p>
a large building with lots of windows and signs on it's sides, surrounded by other buildings
Belgium. Can be ordered on or
an old building with many windows and shutters on the top floor is shown in multiple colors
Gestalten | Genius Loci by Anastasia Savinova
an abstract painting with black and white colors
Asvirus 3 - 2010 Ink and gesso on paper mounted to panel 48 x 23.5 in
black and white architectural drawing of an urban area with lots of lines, shapes and buildings
The Wasteland - Kyle Henderson
an abstract black and white image of a boat in the water with other boats around it
The ARCHive
Joshua L Jones, USF School of Architecture, Class of 2011 Class: “A House for Two Orphans” - Spring 2011, Dr. Levant Kara Architectural drawing of Eisenstein’s The Return.