stained glass sun room- Amazing!!

stained glass sun room this is my dream room

Check out this awesome listing on Airbnb: Most Unique Stay on PEI Guaranteed! - Earth Houses for Rent in Wellington

Maison écologique à Wellington, Canada. Stay connected with nature and choose the Island's only home of its kind! Our sustainable home is unique and welcoming, and is only minutes away from water, red sand beaches and trails. A beautiful, memorable experi

Stained glass in cob...                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Thanksgiving square- Stained Glass Spiral Ceiling in a Dallas, TX Chapel. - Window and color scheme design? maybe inserting stain glass throughout my chapel?

green house as front porch

Tam wants to do something like this if we can't do a full conservatory. Green porch area, similar to an earthship.

A floorplan from a solar home in Vermont.  With a beautiful sleeping loft over the top half for the girls, and a slightly larger bathroom, it's about perfect for our 'seedhouse'

A floorplan from a solar home in Vermont. I'm not quite sure about living in a round home, but I do like the compact layout of this wee housie. It's main missing bits are a solar greenhouse and a larder in my mind!

voiceofnature: “Fairytale like kitchen, see more here. ”

This Cob House: Cob House & Natural Building Designs - decoratoo

The Cob House, Devon... so nice!   >love the oversized window sills that you can decorate!

The Cob House, guys! >love the oversized window sills that you can decorate!

Green roof #technics and plants | #Dachbegrünung Technik und Pflanzen

Intensive green roofs have thicker soil and can grow deeper rooted plants. Extensive green roofs - thinner layer of soil and shallow roots for sedum and grass;

hobbit hole. From the movie? Looks convincing.

A cozy hobbit hole

Clean lines, beautiful

fireplace surrounded by sculpted cob - a mixture of clay, sand & straw - that absorbs the heat from the fire and stays warm long after the fire is done burning. Much more efficient than a regular fireplace (which can have a net cooling effect).

I will definitely be having this window :-) E&P

Beautiful glass bottle detail around the window. Perfect for brightening hallways of an earthship POSM Note: or UG House with a window well! The Undercroft, ecovillage in Wales

from the undercroft house, wales, uk

earthships | share

exit out of kitchen have semi circle right back in. open glass greenhouse throughout. and in center of semi circle, stone floor, and dining room table with funky chandelier. beautiful french doors opening into center. total of 3 doors.

house of javier senosian, mexico city

Home of Architect Javier Senosiain, Mexico City, built 1984

cob house plans | Cob House Fascination

Yes it might be small, but it is perfectly formed, and I love it. What do you think of this cob kitchen? You'll find this and lots more wonderful cob.

sunny windows

5 provas de que você não precisa ser rico para ter uma casa incrível

Natural and cob homes