Do you think Polar Bears and Cats would get along? I need this cub in my life. (Polar Bear Cub named Luna, at The Buffalo Zoo)

The Cutest Polar Bear Cub in the World

Polar Bear Cub named Luna, at The Buffalo Zoo. Well, guess who's going to the Buffalo zoo.


Polarbears Vicks and Mother Olinka. Vicks Born 6 December, 2010 in Rotterdam.


little bear ::: We have seen this in the Great Smoky Mountains many time. The Mother Bear puts them in the tree for safety until she returns. Some Mother Bears can have twins or triplets. So cute.

Baby Polar Bear. °

Siku the polar bear in snow for the first time . eventually we ALL eat the snow. I just LOVE polar bears, and this baby is too cute!

25+ Times Animals Experienced Snow For The First Time, And Their Faces Say It All

Hey ik zie mezelf!

What Is Your Animal?

This picture makes me feel sad for the polar bear as it stands on a small block of ice and its only companion is its reflection. goes to show how global warming is slowly killing polar bears one by one.

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Contrary to popular belief Polar Bears are not endangered in most areas of the circumpolar north