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an image of a paper money with flowers on the front and side, framed in white frame
a photo frame sitting on top of a wooden table next to flowers and hearts around it
an open wooden box filled with lots of different items
a wooden box filled with different types of toothbrushes and tube holders next to each other
Otra idea para regalar dinero en una boda | Al rincón de crear
a frame that has some type of paper hanging from it's side with the words tesa on it
there is a picture frame with the words adventure on it and flowers next to it
Geldgeschenk Verpackung: Berge aus Geld falten (for the next adventure)
an airplane is shown in a box next to a map and a ribbon tied around it
подарок на свадьбу
two framed pictures with the words geldgeschenk in german
Geldgeschenk für Abenteurer basteln | ars textura – DIY-Blog