FILIPPO TOMMASO MARINETTI. “Parole in Libertá”. 1919.

FILIPPO TOMMASO MARINETTI. “Parole in Libertá”. 1919.


Alexander Rodchenko and his Influence Today

History Photography and Graphic Design Older Lef (Left Front for the Arts) cover designed by Rodchenko, Russian Constructivist 1923

Futurismo 2 Marinetti poema, 1915 by louis_no_0119, via Flickr

Simultaneità e Chimismi lirici Simultaneity and Lyrical Chemistry) is a poetry book and artist's book published in 1915 by the Italian futurist Ardengo Soffici / Tipografia, a page from the Chimismi Lirici section

2 classic photo and type approaches that influence modern design

2 Classic Photo and Type Approaches Influence Modern Design

BAUHAUS: Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, typephoto poster for tites, He merged his experiments with type and photography and pushed the idea of "typephoto", especially in posters, in which the integration of word and image communicates a message with immediacy.