Who knits? I need these in my life. http://besenseless.blogspot.com/2011/05/tutorial-ovetti-amigurumi.html

Cute animals over a plastic egg (like those from kinder eggs!) What a brilliant idea!

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With the help of this nice webpage you can create these adorable christmas gnomes from cardboard tubes (or toilet paper rolls). The are so cute, easy to makeand it's a perfect christmas kids craft idea.

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She decided to use plastic spoons as her snowman base, and put them into wintery clay pots that are fun as a christmas decoration or place holder.

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Make template on white paper and let them color, cut, and glue together. Much less prep with lots of skills incorporated forvthe littles!

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Christmas Penguin made from 2 lited soda bottle - affordable Christmas Decor Ideas - Christmas in a mobile home

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