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ictgujarat – viraktimat ( विरक्तिमत् ) Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, Aadi Shakti, Durga Mantra, Saraswati Goddess, Hindu Vedas, Guru, Hindu Philosophy, Shiva Parvati Images
ictgujarat – viraktimat ( विरक्तिमत् )
a woman laying on the ground with her legs crossed
This Ancient Egyptian Sex Technique May Be the Secret to Eternal Life – MyTinySecrets
This Ancient Egyptian Sex Technique May Be the Secret to Eternal Life - “The ancient egyptians believed that orgasm is more than just something that feels good and allows procreation...” They believed that an orgasm is sacred! And that if the energy of an orgasm would be harnessed in the …
four ancient artifacts are displayed on a black background
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an egyptian painting with two women and one man touching each other's foreheads
Ancient - Egyptian Wall Paintings 1956, Tomb of Nakht - Banqueting scene 2. #egypt
a ceramic bird sitting on top of a wooden table
an ancient piece of gold in the shape of a fish
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Phalus gravé et percé sur baton percé, 17000-11000 av JC | Double-ended phallus. Gorge d'Enfer, Dordogne, France. Magdalenian period. Possibly a broken spear straightener (bâton percé).
an old metal object is laying next to a smaller piece of rusted metal on a white background
Pre-Columbian Olmec carved black jade phallus pendant, a symbol of fertility with a hole for wearing and a Roman bronze winged phallus pendant, a symbol of fertility, the female and male genitalia featured one side with a loop for wearing. 500 BC - 200 AD
an old, worn out piece of pottery sitting on a table with the word love spelled below it
The 'sex toys' dating back 28,000 years
Symbol: In Turkey, during the 6th century BC, ancient Anatolians used sculptures of sex organs (pictured) to ward off evil and ill luck as they believed they contained special powers
an ancient object is shown in the dark, with text below it that reads figura 5 doble solee fagano de lagamento del basion
El significado de la erección, la genitalidad y otras representaciones de índole urológico en el imaginario paleolítico
GORGE-D'ENFER - les EYZIES - bâton perforé avec double phallus
four pieces of gold jewelry are shown next to a measuring ruler and some other items
The Roman pendant in the shape of a phallus that was discovered in 2011, has become such a popular exhibit that replicas will be sold at the gift shop. The small but proud gold member was unearthed by metal detectorist. It is formed out of a sheet of gold soldered together along the length. The loop suggests the phallus was worn as a pendant.
a piece of food is shown next to a measuring tape on a red background with a ruler
Ancient Phallus Carving Gets Public Exposure After Two Decades as Garden Ornament
lincoln fist and phallus pendant