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Central Bank of Iraq by Zaha Hadid

Central Bank of Iraq by Zaha Hadid Architects - Rising from the banks of the Tigris River in Baghdad, the structural exoskeleton frames the façade which is itself composed of an alternating pattern of open & closed elements that visually & conceptually mi

Vincent Callebaut - Aequorea, underwater village

These are living spaces, but they also have water purification built into them so they don't poison the ocean.

This is beyond amazing! Futuristic City in the Sky Provides Tranquil Oasis Away From Urban Life.

This incredible futuristic City in the Sky is a concept design by London-based architect Tsvetan Toshkov, in which he envisions a tranquil oasis high above

TREE HOPPER - otco: ‘Tree hopper’ is a new public city infrastructure that allows you to disconnect from the city - in the city. It combines the satisfaction of pitching your own tent with the excitement of occupying a tree  canopy at the convenience of strolling to the park next door.| cargocollective

Called "Tree Hopper", the winning project of the Triumph Architectural Treehouse Award presents a mixed structure - built around a tree. Through a spiral staircase, visitors can access the comfortable accommodations that resemble a futuristic beehive.