A Simple Guide to Buying Your First Goat, from Weed 'Em And Reap

A Simple Guide to Buying your First Goat

A Simple Guide to Buying Your First Goat, from Weed 'Em And Reap; I don't even know why this exists but I've always wanted a damn goat!

ROFL!!!  SOOOO funny!  An ADORABLE alpaca that has been recently sheared at the That'll Do Farm | Ohio alpaca

THIS is where alpaca yarn comes from! Looks like he/she just had a haircut. I absolutely love to knit with alpaca! I've was told by Alpaca owners that the head isn't sheared, so they look funny after being sheared.

#goatvet likes these feed storage bins- no possibility of being contaminated by cats,  rodents or birds and the diseases they carry

An organized feed room with supplement shelves, and horse proof feed bins . This will be in my dream barn!

Foal playing in pasture at Haylos Paint Farm by © Fire and Earth Photography, via fireandearthphoto.com

Foal playing in pasture - Haylos Paint Farm. I like the color variations in this photo. By Fire & Earth photography.

"Very Remarkable" - Faith Farm - Miniature stallion - At first I didn't realize he was a mini! He's so well proportioned.

His mane is “Very Remarkable”…he tested positive for the Frame Overo and Tobiano gene…this guy is a Grand Champion Bay Pinto Stallion… he has two blue eyes and stunning good looks…that simply are captivating…can you say more. Photo from Faith Farm…

Farm animals - baby calves! Thanks to pinterest I want them!

A couple cuties. My fav animals of all time. Glad I can work with them when ever I want!

Life is better on the farm #Farm Life

It is so hard to stay loyal to Michael and Dunder Mifflin when I have a beet farm that I could be tending to.

Dog house idea use the kennel for the sides and then have the insulated inner part through dog door. I don't like the idea of them spending a lot of time in the kennel but if I ever had to have them out there ( read: if I ever have a farm:) this would be a good alternative

outdoor dog kennel ~ I want to build this so bad! Except I want to somehow enclose a grassy area for potty time. Perfect for when I have to be away from home all day but don& want craters dug all over my yard! :) must keep searching for a DIY plan.

nigerian dwarf goat towers - Google Search

Now I don& have any goats but if I did I would definitely want to build them one of these goat houses with play yards! i think it would make a great dog house or even a great playhouse for small kids

I need to get a covered platform for the goat pen. Not this fancy, but I love it.

How to build a goat house. Practice homesteading with goats, and build a goat shelter with these goat house ideas.