Shetland Pony stud

Shetland Pony (Dwarf, I think). So cute, he looks like a little stuffed pony. Or a Thelwell one.

A Jack Russell called Freddie hitches a ride on the back of Daisy the Shetland pony in Flaxley, Gloucester

We're the beast of friends! Meet the animal world's most unlikely chums...

Freddie, the Farmer's Jack Russell Dog leaps on the back of his Neighbour’s Shetland Pony Daisy for a trot around the Paddock in Flaxley, Gloucestershire, England - Cute Farm Friends

pygmy shetland ponies - I would love to get Aryanna a miniature horse to ride someday!

pygmy shetland ponies - these would go with my dinky donkeys and teacup pigs

Jack Russells are always up for new adventures! (Freddie and Percy, both Jack Russells, ride Daisy, the Shetland pony)

Dog rides horse

We'd like to think that after this photo, the Shetland Pony and Cowboy-esque dog rode off together into the sunset.

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