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David Petersen - Marco "Medieval"

David Petersen - Marco "Medieval"

bea0a038383387.575feee24f014.jpg (1400×1035)

Artistic Masterpieces That Have Been Stolen, Destroyed or Lost

Repin_Cossacks-e.jpg (2202×1300)

Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks to Sultan Mehmed IV of the Ottoman Empire/ Cossacks of Saporog Are Drafting a Manifesto, oil on canvas.

Jacques Molay Prend Jerusalem 1299 (2841×1563)

Jacques Molay takes Jerusalem, 1299 - a fanciful painting created in the century by Claudius Jacquand, and hanging in the Hall of Crusades in .

battle-of-swiecino-or-schwetz-for-medieval-warfare-magazine-german-teutonic-knights-faced-lipka-tatars-and-poles-again-in-1642.jpg (1600×920)

"The battle of Swiecino or Schwetz; German teutonic knights faced lipka tatars and poles again in José Daniel Cabrera Peña

KONB01_1049B12_054_X.jpg (5500×2556)

Turin (Torino) around the middle of the century, Italy