Caricatura de La Mona Lisa si fuera Mr. Bean.

In an ongoing series of hilarious Photoshops, artist Rodney Pike skillfully blends Mr Bean/Rowan Atkinson’s face into famous paintings.


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Funny pictures about If Mona Lisa was alive today. Oh, and cool pics about If Mona Lisa was alive today. Also, If Mona Lisa was alive today.

Well thats the best thing I've seen in a long time

Funny Toilet Poster HA HA HA if I ever open a bar in having this in the men stall

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Funny Thoughts

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Kinderen zijn rare wezens, ze hebben rare gedachten en ze doen rare dingen. Maar al dat rare, dat is nou precies wat ze zo schattig maakt! Nog niet overtuigd? Kijk eens goed naar deze foto’s en je wordt vanzelf overtuigd.Bron

Barbie Bootcamp - Drop and Give Me 20 Pushups Young Girls!: This has to be the most adorable photo. This little girl has all her barbies doing pushups. I wonder

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