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an image of the human body with labels on it and instructions to describe what they are
Lexique les maladies les symptomes B2
a map showing the different types of boats in the water, and what they mean to be
Pourquoi existe-t-il deux Corées ?
Ap French, Literature Art
Playbac Presse Digital
a poster with an image of a man speaking to people
Playbac Presse Digital
an old french recipe book with children cooking in the kitchen and on the counter top
Berthou Vocabulaire 13 - Maman prépare le repas - Mettre la ponctuation - Définir un adjectif qualificatif
the history of women's rights in france infographical poster with information about them
journaux jeunesse Le Petit Quotidien, Mon Quotidien, L'actu, L'éco et plus !
the french flag is shown in different colors and sizes, including red, white, blue,
Symboles et emblèmes de la République
a woman sitting in the snow holding a box
Playbac Presse Digital
a mermaid with long hair sitting in the water
Playbac Presse Digital
a medical poster with instructions on how to use the hospital bed and what it means
Playbac Presse Digital
a woman is cutting another person's hair in front of an advertisement for coiffeur
Playbac Presse Digital