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Description Fitnus Series brand Co-Ed Bicep and Forearm Workout Poster provides detailed instruction for performing 8 bicep and forearm exercises. Illustrations highlight muscles being used as well as displaying the proper form. A perfect accessory for

Cable one-arm lateral raise exercise

Cable one arm lateral raise. Main muscles worked: Lateral Deltoid, Anterior Deltoid, Supraspinatus, Middle and Lower Trapezii, and Serratus Anterior.

The plate front raise is an auxiliary shoulder exercise that targets your anterior deltoid. Using a heavy weight will significantly challenge your core.

An isolation and push exercise. Synergistic muscles: Lateral Deltoid, Clavicular Pectoralis Major, Serratus Anterior, Middle Trapezius, and Lower Trapezius.


Shoulder Workout Poster presents the most effective weight training exercises to develop the deltoid muscles for men and women. Each of eight exercises instruct and illustrate how to strengthen and shape the shoulder muscles in a quick and safe manner.

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