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Beach Blonde Hair: How to Get the Sun Kissed Blonde - Getting sun kissed blonde hair can be as easy as a trip to the salon, but you can also try simpler solutions. Find out how to get beach blonde hair naturally.

If you want your  clients to be able to look after themselves with natural products, buy the aloe vera gel  now. The emolient, healing and calming effects of aloe vera on the skin mean it is ideal for the treatment of skin which is sunburnt or delicate, or which has allergies etc. It can be used during or after laser or electric depilation or waxing or as a contact gel for all kinds of beauty appliances. Additionally, it can be used as a mask for the face and neck. Contains: 500 mL. 100 %…

Special Promotion Aloe Vera Gel vera is a versatile medicinal plant that is native to desert areas.With its thick, fleshy leaves, the aloe is a