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a bicycle is parked on a wooden pallet in a living room with hard wood flooring
Bike/Skateboard Rack and Guitar Rack
a tree house built into the side of a tree in front of a house with windows
Little Gnome​ House…for Rent :)
a chair made out of logs sitting on top of a wicker basket
a wooden table made out of tree slices
Best 10 Buy or order TABLE in the online store at the Fair Masters. The table is round, … – – #woodworking
an image of a chicken made out of wood slices and logs on a bench in front of a house
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an arrangement of succulents and other plants in a driftwood planter
Best 12 Love it..
a plant growing out of a tree stump on the ground next to a glass door
Nancy Nolin's #033 Image Results
there are many different types of succulents in these logs
Diy A Bonsai with Succulents and the Repurpose of the Log Pieces
an owl sitting on top of a tree stump with large yellow eyes and brown feathers
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two wooden deer sculptures sitting on top of a sidewalk
Best 11 Xtra große Log Hirsche … 40 plus lbs. #hirsche – #bois #große #Hirsche #lbs #Log #Xtra
a toy train made out of logs with flowers in the front and behind it on some concrete