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the words keep calm and wear your pearls are shown in pink on a black background
Basically, to fight like a girl means to fight without honor, or go all out for the sake of protecting yourself and the ones you care about. That right there, is Ivy's motto.
a box with roses tied to it on a pink background
Image about pink in 🌼Patterns/Wallpapers🌼 by Dánae 💀
Imagen de rose, wallpaper, and cigarettes
a black background with the words hey, i miss you written in green and pink
I just wanna sleep next to you. That’s all I ask for💕
a person holding a rose in their hand with the words nothing above it and stars
˗ˏˋ ĸcceғlαwleѕѕ .ˎˊ˗
a black background with a white heart in the middle and one line drawn on it
Follow me now Trân Jang
the sky is dark and cloudy with no one in sight or any type of object
MISSING - Emma Windsor, Lady of Windsor Castle, 17 years Old, Brown Eyes, Short, Bobbed Brown Hair, Stands at about 5'2. Was last seen entering an ambulance to the Royal Meadows General Hospital. If anyone has information on her whereabouts, please contact the Windsor Castle. A reward of $30 dollars will be given to whomever brings her home.
the word crazy is written in multicolored letters on a black background with an image of
a heart shaped balloon flying through the air with a red light coming out of it