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the food truck is parked in front of some people
Como Montar um Food Truck
an orange food truck is parked on the street
the food truck is parked under an awning and has wooden stools on it
140503 08 Citromobile, De Mobiele Wijnbar, Mobile wine bar.
a double decker bus parked next to a table with plates and glasses on the outside
Ideias de Food Truck
a green double decker bus parked in the grass
29 Food Trucks and Mobile Bars That Can Roll Right Up to Your Wedding
the inside of a bus with tables and chairs on each side, along with lots of windows
a group of people riding on the back of a yellow cart with barrels in it
The Pedal Pub
Food trucks are old news, the hottest fad in the food and drink industry is now the pedal pub. The pedal pub is a mobile bar station that is steered by your trusty bartender – don’t even think about buying him shots – and powered by the drunken power of the patrons.
a wooden trailer with a man in the driver's seat on the back of it
the food truck is parked on the side of the road in front of some benches
Citroën HY Currus 1964