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Marlee Hoeger
Marlee Hoeger
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Funnytwittertweets caitie delaney A note to filmmakers, please do not make your movies so dark that I have to see the terrible expressionless reflection of my big dumb head in the screen for Twitter for iPhone half of it 67 3 1,462 Lord of the Rings: Vs. Game of Thrones: & birdyyyyyy-deactivated20210721 "But where's that light coming from" BITCH IT'S FANTASY WHO CARES momington-the-crescent the gence's called it's meant to be unrealistic }you I myopic manatee the-tin-dog Ok but also from a like, theatrical storytelling perspective, there's a thing called "willful suspension of disbelief' which is basically the concept that in order to let ourselves be immersed and enjoy a story, we need to turn off our knowledge that it's all fake anywe like yes, we all *know* it's unrealistically bright for a night time war, but it needs to be so we can SEE the story being told, and the lighting designer used blue light to show it was night time. We KNOW that Sir lan isn't actually a wizard but we SUSPEND that DISBELIEF because we want to be entertained. brunhiddensmusings theres the moon, theres the stars, in this fantasy world the stars might be four times as bright or there might be two moons or, considering this is a land without electric lights, its assumed that everyones eyes, including those of the viewers, have adjusted enough to the darkness that yes normal ass moon and stars provide sufficient illumination to actually see that the elf king is not wearing sweatpants like youd be able to tell or who the hell was that who just got stabbed thats kind of an important detail in an action scene Elijah Wood said he brought this up with Andrew Lesnie, cinematographer on LOTR, once and asked him where the light was coming from in a particular scene, and Lesnie just smiled and said "same place as the music" have an one complains bring up - iFunny
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12 million Rats
12 million Rats