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Gender Equality> lol this stuff needs thinking about

All of these are assumptions and the sexual harassment one is simply false. But feminists are the ones fighting for EQUALITY, not for female supremacy. We want to help men too, but we have to deal with women first.

Dungeons & Dragons: Past, Present, and Future: The Royal Museum of D&D Memes | If you've ever participated in role-playing games, some of these situations will be familiar to you.

Player Logic :: I watched a video about the usefulness of random encounters recently. this seems a likely solution to this problem. Because, yes, thus far this is my players every time, for years!

I have favored enemy WHAT?! We just fought five of those!

This happened to my friend while playing AFMBE! She was crushed to death by a zombie, and it took us almost an hour to remember she was wearing armour and wouldn't have been killed by that.