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Gender Equality> lol this stuff needs thinking about

Bring it on!___okay stop there, feminist means equality for everyone, not just for women. I think you meant feminazi instead


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Varg Vikernes

Just Girly Things / Just Metal Things: Being Around A Fire With Friends (Varg/Burzum)

Dungeons & Dragons: Past, Present, and Future: The Royal Museum of D&D Memes | If you've ever participated in role-playing games, some of these situations will be familiar to you.

Player Logic :: I watched a video about the usefulness of random encounters recently. this seems a likely solution to this problem. Because, yes, thus far this is my players every time, for years!

Dropbox - The Grey Jedi Code.jpg

Definitely more of light sided sith (Darth Imperious, anyone?) and the grey Jedi code is really cool, but there's something inspiring about the Sith code xD