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an old cemetery with lots of tombstones and crosses on the top of each one
Alto do Sao Joao Cemetery Open Mausoleum by Deborah Smolinske
Lisbon Photograph - Alto do Sao Joao Cemetery Open Mausoleum by Deborah Smolinske
a statue of a skeleton standing next to a grave
Easy Outdoor Halloween Decorations Party DIY Decor Ideas
outdoor graveyard for Halloween easily be made with cardboard boxes and other things
an outdoor cemetery with skeletons in the grass
Wallace Manor Haunt mausoleum/fogger - Modern
Wallace Manor Haunt mausoleum/fogger
a grave marker in the grass with a quote on it that says she always said her feet were killing her but nobody believed her
midnight in paris...
“my feet are killing me”
a grave with a skull on it and the words hugh jass written in black
a grave with the words for rent written on it in black and white letters,
Halloween How-To: DIY Tombstones | Made + Remade | Halloween headstone, Halloween tombstones, Tombstone diy
funny halloween tombstones - Google Search
two skeletons standing in front of a gate with their hands on each other's shoulders
side gate
a cement structure with a hole in the middle and two bottles on the ground next to it
Photo Storage
The Halloween Lady mausoleum build- another angle
a cement structure sitting in the grass next to a house with a doghouse on it
Static: - 2011 Mausoleum
Static: 2011 Mausoleum
an outdoor stone shrine in the middle of a yard
DIY Halloween Facade - Haunted House Mausoleum Entrance - Decoration Idea
How To Build A Halloween Cemetery Facade: The Crypt Mausoleum
a dog house made to look like it is in the process of being painted
How to Build a Halloween Mausoleum!
How to Build a Halloween Mausoleum!
an outdoor shrine with a statue in the center and lights on it's sides
Mill Creek Haunted Hollow - styrofoam mausoleum tutorial
an old cemetery with red doors and tombstones in the foreground, surrounded by leafy trees
Mausoleum, Montmartre cemetery, Paris, France
Mausoleum, Montmartre cemetery, Paris, France. Seems odd, but Parisian cemeteries are works of art and are some of the most hauntingly beautiful places to visit in France.
a statue in the shape of a ghost
Mausoleum by foolishmortal42
an old church with a skeleton statue in front of it and a gated entrance
Mausoleum is finished - Page 2
a freind from work gave me a bunch of grapevines he cut down in his yard. I decided to add another creepy element to the prop
an outdoor shrine with fake ghost decorations on it's sides and two heads in the doorway
Static: - Mausoleum and FCG
Been wanting to do this for three years..finally built them. I dont have a nice bay window for an fcg, so i built a mausoleum for her. This was the first large scale prop i attempted. Basically 1x3 frame and 1" foam insulation panels.
a stone grave with a skull on it
Michael Skaggs Haunters Hangout
two pictures side by side one with a statue and the other with a fake human figure
Haunters Hangout Reaper Stone
Figural Build - full tutorial at HauntersHangout
black and white photograph of an old cemetery
Resting Place
a plaque that reads, single line bevel edge border with satin finish
an old cemetery with a cross on top
an old cemetery with a cross on top
Cracked tomb Halloween Ideas, Ideas, Tag Necklace, Dog Tags, Dog Tag Necklace
Cracked tomb
a cemetery with a fake ghost in the window and on top of it's head
Blogs - Garage of Evil Network
mausoleum ghost
an old cemetery with two headstones and a door
Static: - Crypt 2.0
Halloween Forum mausoleum makeover.
two statues in front of a gate with red light coming from the top and bottom
Mom built a mausoleum for my yard.