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a person taking a picture of a dog in front of a fence with a cell phone
a person holding a stop sign with the caption watch for children best trade i've ever made
Best trade I've ever made - Funny
Friends, Stupid Memes
Wheres my super suit
a young boy is holding bread in front of him and has a sign that says ginger bread man
31 Howling DIY Adult Halloween Costumes to Win You this Year’s Prize
Ginger Bread Man
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31 weird thrift store finds
the book is open to reveal an animal's head on top of a book
Flat Rat Bookmark
This Flat Rat Bookmark Free Knitting Pattern is a very funny project that you can make to give anyone who sees this a little scare.
an older man wearing a white hat and holding up a t - shirt that says one night stand
This grandpa who is a "one night stand" (*slaps knee*):