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a book shelf with several books on it and a plant in the corner next to it
Decorotika Alice 5-Tier Corner Bookcase Bookshelf, Storage and Organizer for Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Kitchen and Bathroom, Multiple Use Option, Modern Design (White)
there are many white shelves on the wall with pictures and vases above them in this room
What is Hot on Pinterest: Sweet Pastel Colors Décor!
a wooden shelf with key holders and pictures on it
17 Classy Shelves Designs To Upgrade Every Home Decor
a corner shelf with books and pictures on it in the corner of a room next to a potted plant
Не бывает бесполезных углов в доме, просто мы не умеем их правильно использовать. Идеи декора.
a wooden shoe rack with several pairs of shoes in it
a wall mounted chalk board with two hooks and a purse hanging on the back of it
How to Build an Entry Message Center
a white book shelf sitting in the corner of a room next to a dresser and door
Ideas for a Shared Girl's Bedroom (...finally complete!) | Make It & Love It
three white floating shelves on the wall with flowers in vases and pictures above them
Shape Dazzling Decorative HangiFloating Display Shelves for Bedroom Living Room & Office - Set of 3
two white shelves on the wall with books and a plant in it next to a television
Półki na książki, półki wiszące - Selsey