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a black and white drawing of a deer's head
Passion - Sexy Personals for Passionate Singles
Original deer drawing, minimalist drawing, photo ink, deer ink drawing #drawing #minimalist #original #photo
a group of bottles that have lights in them
Luminárias DC Comics Nova Liga da Justiça
Luminárias DC Comics Nova Liga da Justiça
an old man with a long white beard and gray hair is holding his hands out in front of him
Saruman by DanPilla on DeviantArt
a black stick with an arrow on it
Hobbit feet and Frodo's sword in Lord of the Rings props auction
Saruman wizard staff estimated $40000-$80000
an image of the lord of the rings wand
The two staves - awesome life-size LEGO prop replicas from The Lord of the Rings - The Brothers Brick
Saruman's Staff - 1
two black and white utensils laying on a bed
Crowns of the Maia by phantomphreaq on DeviantArt
The crowns from the Wizard staff's of Saruman the White, and Gandalf the White. From my own personal collection.
an image of a man with long white hair and beard holding two swords in front of him
Staff of Saruman
staff of Saruman
a man with long white hair and beard holding a staff in his hand, while wearing an outfit
Saruman The White
Freelance Artist Saruman The White Trocinski Kamil
Lord of the Rings Films, Outfits, Wizard Robes, Elven Clothing, Historical Dresses, Elven Dress, Elven Garb, Fantasy Clothing
Lord of the Rings
Saruman People, Reading, Humour, Concerning Hobbits, Hobbit Funny
Villains Photo: Saruman
an old man with a long white beard holding a staff and wearing a robe, standing in front of a gray background
The Art of Daarken
Saruman, by Daarken for the game The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies
two men dressed in old - fashioned clothing stand next to each other on the grass
Ian McKellen Official
Gandalf and Saruman
some cartoon characters with different expressions on their faces and body parts, including the woman in orange
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Villian mug shots pt.1
an image of some cartoon characters with different facial expressions and hair colors, all holding signs in their hands
Suicide Squad for DC comics ★ ★ ★
an image of many different colored lines in the same color and size as well as each other
Arkham Asylum - Gaming
Arkham Asylum villain trivia for all of you!! If anyone knows me, they know that I am obsessed with my Serena Kyle tattoo....