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a close up of a kangaroo looking at the camera with a fence in the background
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
a white animal climbing up the side of a cliff
'A mountain goat descends a sheer rock wall to lick exposed salt.' Photographic Print - Joel Sartore |
A mountain goat descends a sheer rock wall to lick exposed salt. Photographic Print by Joel Sartore at
two people are hanging from a rope in the air on a rock formation with trees around them
Daily Morning Funny Troll Picdump 19 (30 Pics) - TrollPics
a bus is parked on the side of a cliff
21 Pictures That Prove Bus Drivers Of Himachal Pradesh Are The Best In India
Buses in Himachal Pradesh, India. The bus drivers are either very good, or very crazy. Probably both actually.
an animal that is standing on the side of a cliff with its long horns sticking out
Quando sono triste e dico qualcosa che mi fa ridere tanto, ecco, è a quel punto che mi voglio bene. Auguri caprona. Testaccia dura, capocciona, testarda, però, lo sai, ti voglio bene <3
an animal that is laying down in the grass on top of a hill with trees in the background
A little too close for comfort - GIF
When that guy you think is annoying scares you for fun.
"It's not even on."
"It's not even on."