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Samu Szabó

Samu Szabó
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Mix Mondrian and Roy Lichtenstein and you have the Aizone latest campaign. Again, a beautiful creative direction work by Jessica Walsh!

Sagmeister & Walsh keeps up its collaboration with the brand Aizone. The studio explores the theme of a colorful op art universe. Always in collaboration w

sagmeister & walsh channels psychedelia for aïzone's trippy creative campaign

creative & art direction: jessica walsh photographers: sing-sing (adi goodrich and sean pecknold) design: jessica walsh, daniel forero & design: pedro veneziano makeup: anastasia durasova set builds: sing-sing retouching: lutz & schmidt, daniel plateado

Lynn Nguyen - artnau | artnau

asylum-art: “ Lynn Nguyen Lynn Nguyenis an artist and illustrator living in Sydney Australia. She attended The National Art School and graduated witha BFA in Visual art, focusing on drawing &.