Sandor Kolonics

Sandor Kolonics

Sandor Kolonics
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The Alinker - Together We Move Differently | Indiegogo

True design transcends beyond the object and creates a way to connect, to meet and to really overcome our differences. The Alinker is not just a cool device for the individual user, but it is becoming a vehicle towards an inclusive community.

DC-Tri: The Stand-Up Scooter or Standing Electric tricycle

Dc-Tri is an interesting Standing Scooter Concept very useful in everyday commute DC-Tri is a company dedicated to making life more simple in everyday commute.

Dryve durchsicht

Yesterday I found the amazing looking Azub Dryve fabric fairing designed by Johannes Rave. Apart from a double page in the Azub 2012 catalog (page about developing this fabric fairing, the t…

KMX K-3 Recumbent Trike for Kids

Sturdy and Safe. KMX has a trike for everyone, including kids of all ages and sizes. It fits most children between years old. It is incredibly affordable and very durable. Safer than a traditiona

Niu M1 Electric Scooter | Image

Chinese startup Niu have recently introduced its second generation electric scooter, the The award wining design is a cool and fresh looking electric scooter designed for urban users.

i o  1 nSQ8E 5784

The I/O scooter created by Jean Baptiste De Clercq, can fold down to let you carry it in the subway or even in the elevators. The electric motor ensures that you can always take it to work with you and charge it in your office.