Grrr...I have to pin it to 10 things...All right -.-

I have to pin it to 10 things.- <<< I more posted it for the facts cause they are mostly true

I love how Calum can't see cause of the sun☀️☀️

Ashton Irwin on

Ashton's legs are so muscly and thick compared to everyone else's

Look how chubby they are!!!!

BABY AWWWWWW<< my life is complete now<<< They are so ADORABLE>> my whole heart just burst with rainbow unicorn happiness<<luek is sooo cute thou

You're a special one Calum :) [gif]

There's Ashton looking beautiful in a SnapBack. and then there's Calum in the background dancing like his mom

Michael Clifford Ashton Irwin Luke Hemmings Calum Hood

I love you guys your my life you saved me from a lot listening to your music helped me to not cut thank you so much Clifford Irwin hemmings hood


Can we just look at Luke's shoulders. Like holy shot they are wide, and them there is little Ashton who is extremely muscular >>>>>it looks like luke was like photoshopped really big


i don't know if i like the boys reactions or the pickup line more tbh

5 Seconds of Summer - Headache - Official Poster

5 Seconds of Summer - Headache - Official Poster <<-- Finally found it in my local HMV! (In your own bc idk if you have the same one.

How is my fellow fam doing? :)

Fan Art Friday with 5 Seconds of Summer

literally same

Only some will understand this, -person not a fan of "oh hey I get it; me who is a fan of "oh it Calum's grade poem, again.<<<the turtle was smalla then a bug


But can we talk about Cal's squishable cheeks and completely boopable nose