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Etymonline has this to say about the etymology of "Cerberus": "Latinized form of Greek Kerberos, of unknown origin, according to Klein perhaps cognate with Sanskrit karbarah, sabalah "spotted, speckled"." So, yep. Spot the watchdog.

Really Hades? Out of all the names you could've named your hell hound, you picked Spot?---- It is not a "hellhound," Cerberus is a breed of it's own.

On blood and swords. High fantasy math sword math plot bunnies tumblt

This could come in handy if I ever choose to try my hand at fantasy one day. <<< don't get on a nerd's bad side! We've been trying to figure out how to make a sword made out of our enemies blood :D

For writing characters grieving a loss. Maybe this would be helpful?

Another way of conceptualizing the journey of grief into living with loss. Infertility is grief month after month. A vicious cycle. Stages of Grief

Brendon Urie in suspenders and bowtie ;) #panic!atthedisco

Breaking News// "Vocalist of Panic! At the disco Brendon Urie rushed to the hospital after a month of malnourishment. The tour is cancelled Intel Urie gets better. There is no further information about how Urie is doing.

omg this video was hilarious (drunk history of fall out boy)

I kind of regret saving this pin // omg this video was hilarious (drunk history of fall out boy)