Hungary / I'm a cat. :3
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What even is that pose

and whether it's the weather or the ledges by my bed, sometimes death seems better than the migraine in my head ❤️ // this is my fave pic of tyjo

This would be cool if someone with synesthesia did this <<< Yeeeeessssss

This would be cool if someone with synesthesia did this <<< Yeeeeessssss<<< I have synaesthesia and can confirm if everyone else who have this, none of the artworks would have the same colours because all synesthetes see thing differently

I actually irl want to touch his hair :3

This is REAALLY good, but.his hair is bothering me. It looks really cool and all, but the fact that everything else is light grey and darker, and that his hair is like pure white, really bothers me.

They played it at my school I tried not to freak out

Just trying not to seem weird when the song comes on so you hold in screaming. << lol especially when ride comes on and you can show off your rap skills

Blue Josh Dun |-/ Clique Art

i feel like it was inspired by the forest fic,because of the blue and black. and that's what Josh says it the fanfic

YOU DONT EVEN KNOW <<< Me when I saw Tyler bald

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