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Babywearing through the Ages - Carry Me Away

And here you thought baby carriers were a NEW trend! Today’s post comes to us via a sweet little blog called Nine Davids. The pictures are fabulous, and I love the sense of connection with mamas all over the world and over time as well. Babywearing through the ages David and I went to the […]

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A magyar házak mágikus ereje

A magyar házak mágikus ereje "Aki a lényében rejlő Őstudást önmaga számára meghódította, mindent elért." Weöres Sándor "Amelyik ház arra épül, hogy otthona legyen egy családnak, és úgy épül, és azok építik, akik otthont akarnak belőle maguk köré: abból a házból otthon lesz. És jó otthon lesz, és sokáig lesz otthona sokaknak: férfiaknak és asszonyoknak és gyermekeknek és gyermekek gyermekeinek." Wass Albert AZ OTTHON "Otthon az, ahova hazatérsz. Ahol valaki vár este. Ahol ismered a fal…

I wonder if these kids are still around in 2014 and do they still play. Gypsy Children Playing Violin in Street from LIFE magazine. Gypsy children playing violin in street. Location: Budapest, Hungary Date Photographer: William Vandivert Link: LIFE Vintage Pictures, Old Pictures, Old Photos, Music Pictures, Robert Frank, Gypsy Life, Vintage Photographs, Vintage Children, Black And White Photography

Gypsy Children Playing Violin in Street

Final Dimensions (width x height): 18" x 24"From the archives of LIFE magazine, this image is digitally printed on archival photographic paper resulting in vivid, pure color and exceptional detail that is suitable for museum or gallery display. This image comes from the historical archives of LIFE Magazine. Read More Item #3592259

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Some Hungarian women photographers

As ever, less is known, less widely about them, but some were quite wonderful. For instance there is Kata Kálmán (1909-1978), who documented working class life in Hungary, like this: And like this: I take these photos from here and there. There is a single comment on the page with the boy eating bread. Thanks, I was looking for a high-res picture of that boy, eating bread. By the way the picture was taken in 1931, the boy's name was Varga Laci (family name, given name order), he was 4 years…

Hello all, Today I will return to Hungary, to talk about one of the most famous costume and embroidery traditions in that country, t. Creative Writing Stories, European Costumes, Vintage Jewelry Crafts, Folk Clothing, Hungarian Embroidery, Folk Dance, My Heritage, Vintage Images, Hungary

Costume and Embroidery of Mezőkövesd, Hungary

Hello all, Today I will return to Hungary, to talk about one of the most famous costume and embroidery traditions in that country, that of Mezőkövesd. This town is the largest of the three settlements of the Matyó people of northeastern Hungary. These also include the villages of Tard and Szentistván, each of which has a distinct costume. You can see Mezőkövesd in the southern part of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county. Mezőkövesd costume and embroidery has become as iconic of Hungary in general as…