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What an interesting twist on the traditional lavender wreath. Love how structural it is.

lanterne di lavanda

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Csinos illatosító: így készül a levendulafonat! | Életszépítők

Organic French Lavender Wand - Woven from Freshly Picked Flowers - Purple with Light Green Satin Ribbon - Made in Canada.

corn lavender sweethearts

Traditional dried flower crafts making corn dollies with dried wheat decorated with dried lavender stems.

Trim Neck, lavendelpopje

We are visiting my inlaws in Vermont for several weeks, and in addition to an immense forest to play in they have several enormously happy and productive lavender plants which are all spewing flowe.

Resultado de imagem para lavanta kesesi

Hand Embroidered Lilac Felt Lavender Bag - these would be cute party favors for…

Resultado de imagen de sachet lavande

Resultado de imagen de sachet lavande