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DIY Hair Mask. This is the perfect mix!

Ultimate DIY Hair Mask: 1 Egg {protein moisture) 1 Avocado {moisture full of nutrients} 3 TBS Olive oil {shine strength} 1 TBS Honey {natural humectant}

DIY TEETH WHITENER!!!!..."White teeth! From A Dentist...Use A Little Toothpaste, Mix In One Tsp Baking Soda Plus One Tsp Of Hydrogen Peroxide, 1/2 Tsp Water... Thoroughly Mix Then Brush Your Teeth For Two Minutes Once A Week Until You Have Reached The Results You Want...Once Your Teeth Are Good And White, Limit Yourself To Using The Whitening Treatment Once Every Month Or Two...NOTE: NO LINK...

DIY - Teeth Whitening *Note* to make your teeth super white do this 3 days in a row!need to whiten the teeth up before the wedding!